What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is the latest advancement in coating technology, providing the best of all worlds. Its extreme durability makes it 20 times stronger than some epoxy coatings.

It’s chemically resistant to salt, oil, fuel and other harsh chemicals. It’s 98% more flexible than epoxy, allowing for natural concrete movement – Polyurea won’t crack or peel. Polyurea coatings are more durable, install in less than half the time and are environmentally ‘green’ compared to competing epoxy coatings. 




Polyurea has been utilised for over 25 years in industrial applications such as pipe/pipeline coatings, tank linings, water treatment plants, manholes, sewer linings and automotive fascia OEM molded parts. Traditional Polyurea cures in 5-15 seconds and must be spray applied to ensure proper installation. These kinds of coatings were originally developed and used in the early 1990’s. The difference between Polyurea and Citadel’s polyurea is Citadel’s Revolutionary Industry leading Single Component Polyurea Solutions, which have a longer working time and can be applied using a roller or brush.



Citadel’s Polyurea is an extremely durable product, which was developed for and will withstand both ordinary and extraordinary wear and tear.

Due to its chemical makeup and structure, Citadel’s Polyurea creates a very strong bond with concrete and has the ability to expand and contract with change in the surface and underlying ground temperature. This means there is no chipping, cracking or hot tire pick-up. Hot tire pick-up occurs when a car’s tires are hot from driving; the heat and pressure from the tires may melt or peel the paint or coating, separating it from the floor. Citadel’sPolyurea maintains its color and does not fade or yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. Citadel’sPolyurea is a ‘tough’ surface resistant to scratching, water, salt, oils and other chemicals one might find in a garage or in a vehicle.

Citadel’s Polyurea has been refined to the point where the installation can be carried out with minimal training.

Citadel’s Polyurea can be applied in extreme temperatures, from as low as 4°C to 49°C. This is important because most applications are not performed in a climate-controlled setting giving the applicator more flexibility in deciding when to install the coating.

Citadel’s Polyurea is not susceptible to the many drawbacks that other polymers experience when applied with high humidity such as bubbles in the surface and uneven curing.

Citadel’s Polyurea cures much quicker than other polymer based coatings. Typically 4-8 hours after installation the floor is ok to walk on and 24 hours after installation it is ok for cars.


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