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SCHOOL FLOORS: A Clear Space Means A Clear Mind!

Talk about high traffic areas that need a maintenance plan that plans for the worst! - When you see the punshiment that school floors get during their lifetime, it's a wonder they stay in one piece for very long at all!

Being the school principle or head of maintenance, it doesn't matter, the out come you desire for the school and the students will always be the same when considering the right floor coating for your facility.

lge school floor lockers
Getting back to full time study after a major upgrade can be shorter with Polyurea! Many of the floor coating products available today, can provide much of the same qualities as Polyurea, but they can't provide them all in one product so seemlessly as our premire floor coating.




Okay, this area needs a tough product, because it is going to be given a tough time! This is where our floor coating products get to flex their muscles, in areas where the surface is pushed to its limits, and then is expeted to take it in it's stride as it deals with all types of rough and tumble of a typical school gymnasium.





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