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GARAGE FLOOR FINISHES: Beware of More Neighbourly Visits!

Want to become the envy of your street where your neighbours come up with all sorts of excuses just to hang out?

Well, you can when you get the look and feel of a professional workshop floor that has the same fantastic looking finish as polished concrete, only it is far more durable and lasts many times longer.

lg icoataustralia garage 01
Super hard wearing, available in anti-slip and easy to clean, iCOAT polyurea floor coatings and finishes are the same floor coatings used by professional garages and workshops all around the world. 

lg icoataustralia garage 02

Now, most importantly, icoat's epoxy garage floor coatings are non-porous and chemical resistant which makes them ideal for cleaning away oil drips and other marks with a minimum of fuss and without any damage to the coated surface. 

lg icoataustralia garage 03

Get a commercial quality garage floor coating
for your home today in a variety of looks, from gloss to satin, clear to solid colours - the choices are endless and the results are always great!

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