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Creating Large Impressive Bathrooms requires the layout and design to be just right for those times when the traffic is high, and use is at a premium. And it's these times when you want to have the confidence in your facility, that it will stand up to the challange. 

Making sure that what's under your users feet, is just as impressive as what's at eye level which makes Polyurea the perfect floor coating product to manage high traffic flow, chemical application, chip and heel resistent and impressive durability to provide extremely low maintenance.



That's why the techinally advance products that are available today make the job of choosing the right coating, so much simpler. When you have something that can be laid over any surface after the correct preperation has been carried out, and you can walk on in hours rather than days, you have a solution to a problem that has plagued managers & businesses for yours.

No need to worry if you think your current floor is beyond repair.. Our technically advanced floor coating and expert applicators will take care of the most demanding challanges, and see you back in business in no time flat!


So no matter what size your commercial bathroom is
iCoat has a solution and a team waiting for you right now. 

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