DRIVEWAY COATINGS: Beat the Joneses to a fantastic driveway!

Driveways shouldn't be boring! Let your home greet you and your guests as they arrive with a beautiful and practical driveway coating to match your home's style. You've put alot of effort into carefully choosing the look and colours of your home to match your unique sense of style. Roof tiles and window frames carefully compliment one another but it feels like something still isn't right - that horrible old concrete driveway, featuring years of oil spots and some lovely cracks, is ruining the look of your home (and is pretty slippery when wet!).

lg icoataustralia driveway 01


A driveway rescue isn't far away thanks to market leading solutions from iCOAT Australia. Stop keeping up with the Joneses and make them chase you when you reveal your new, high performance driveway coating that always looks fantastic, is easy to clean and is UV resistant so it will outlast it's competitors.


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With the massive range of coatings and colours, you can chose from a simple, clear concrete sealing coating or a great range of colours and accents inlcuding multi-coloured flakes as well as gloss or satin looks.


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Endless options means you will always be able to find a Citdel coating from iCOAT Australia to meet your style and needs. For driveways with a bit of a slope you can also add anti-slip materials to avoid any accidents. What is a high performance coating? A high performance coating should be able to withstand the harsh sun for years on end, shrug off oil drips from the car and look fantastic at the same time. Luckily, these coatings do all that and more! 


lg icoataustralia driveway 04


Got cracks? These can happen to just about any driveway, concrete in particular, but they can be filled and sealed at the same time by your skilled applicator before the full coating is applied. 

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