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Looking For That Polished Concrete Finish, Yet Want A Product
That Has
BETTER Durability Compared To Epoxy Floor Coatings

Do You Need A Floor Coating That Requires Less Maintenance?
NO Re-Sealing & Is
Ready To Walk On In A Day?

MAKE SURE You Take A look Through The Site At ALL the STYLES
of Polyurea Floor Coatings From
iCOAT Australia!
This Amazing Technically Advanced Product Is
Brilliant On Internal & External Floors
Extremely Fast Curing & Has Incredible Endurance & Stability Properties
Our POLYUREA Coatings Are
Amazing Under The Most Demanding UV Conditions!  


More Information About Our Products Can Be Found Here:


The Polished Concrete Alternative:

There is no denying that a concrete floor that has been skilfully polished can add a tremendous amount of quality & style to any room, no matter the size.

However, there is a product that not only looks as impressive than polished concrete, it's far more durable & requires far less maintenance.

It's called Polyurea, and it is revolutionising the building and design industry when it comes to creating exquisite living and working floor spaces.

Dries Quicker Than Epoxy Flooring

Any floor coating that is applied as a liquid product always has some sort of cure time required before your staff, clients or customers can begin to walk on it again.

Even though epoxy flooring has some fantastic properties of it's own, (and we often recommend this type of flooring for specific situations), the long cure times of epoxy can be an unwanted inconvenience.


With Polyurea floor coatings, these cure times can be up to four times faster than many two part flooring finishes.

More Durable Than Concrete Paint

Well, the truth is many of the products we sell are more durable than concrete paint!

And when there are so many technically brilliant floor coatings available, there really is no excuse for not utilising a superior product that will actually give you a return on your investment!

So whether you choose to go with Polished Concrete, 2 Part Epoxy Flooring or our flagship product, Polyurea Floor Coatings, you'll always be in the best hands with our expert staff at iCOAT Australia!

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